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    Akhil Kejriwal
    January 28, 2023

    Unfortunately, after a decent previous experience with CleanProfis in Basel, the experience with CleanProfis in Winterthur was really really poor. We had an agreed upon price before arriving - >1300 CHF for our apartment, so not a small amount. This would have paid for our regular cleaner for almost 1 full week. This should have covered everything. However, upon arriving (on the day of our key handover), they claimed that the apartment was 'extra dirty', and thus for them to initiate the cleaning I would need to pay an additional ~250 CHF, or else they would simply pack up and leave. Firstly, this was pure extortion. They outright said on the phone that I had no option but to accept and pay immediately, or else they would simply walk away. Secondly, the 'extra dirtiness' was literally 1 weeks worth of normal calc buildup on a bathroom glass, and some dust (that could be wiped away, as evidenced by the finger wipe through on the photo 'evidence' of the extreme dirtiness requiring significantly extra work). Our cleaner cleans the bathroom calc on a weekly basis - this is a standard issue of the hard water in Winterthur - and was by no means 'significant effort / extra dirty'. In terms of work done - we had a service booked from 8am - 3pm. They arrived at 8:30, started cleaning at 9, and were done early at 2:30pm - so by no means extra time as claimed. The reality is that they sell a service at a price, and then when you are in the position of having to have the work done with no alternative, go in for extra costs that you have no option but to accept (or delay your key-handover at a significant cost on top). Clearly a model built on the fact that they do not expect repeat customers, as once you deal with them, you never ever want to do so again.

    Vini & Nic
    August 20, 2022

    Terrible experience, completely NOT recommended. After having an initial positive experience with Clean Profis in Aarau in 2020, we had a nightmare handing over our apartment in the Zurich region in Jun 2022. To start with, the cleaners were completely unprepared and unprofessional. They did not have adequate clothing and not even adequate equipment - they asked a neighbour for basic cleaning material. When we arrived at the flat for the handover appointment, there were 5 people (3 women and 2 men), a half-cleaned apartment (there was dirt everywhere), and a terrible smoke smell. The rental agency criticised the cleaning, and the cleaning team tried to improve the situation. After one hour, the situation was still so bad and the cleaning team so intimidating that the agency decided to request another cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom and cellar. We called Clean Profis to understand what we should do based on their "acceptance guarantee", and they were also completely unprofessional over the phone. They accused the agency of trying to take advantage of their services and said they would not pay for the "handover guarantee" because it was not their fault. In the end, we paid for the cleaning service twice. Once with Clean Profis, which is 100% NOT RECOMMENDED, and once with a serious company.

    Nico Scarsini
    November 01, 2020

    Outstanding service!

    Mauro Capozzolo
    March 18, 2023

    Be there, the delivery date was canceled the evening before! (Since you have accepted another order) The payment was a disaster, we had agreed to pay in cash, but since nobody was there, I was pressured to pay via Twint or credit, otherwise the key would be confiscated. So the key was bagged and taken away. The handover could NOT take place!! After effort, I was able to make the payment via a friend and after several emails and phone calls I was told that the key would be brought to the mailbox with a photo as proof. Didn't happen either!! The cleaning wasn't great either, 2 corners were forgotten and the floor in the bathroom. So an absolute NO. I'm still waiting for the photos of my key after over 12h.

    Lucio Wieland
    December 12, 2022

    Unfortunately had a very bad experience. Cleaning was partly okay, but there were still various defects that would have been covered by our acceptance guarantee. Since we still had more work to do, they suddenly said that nothing was covered by the purchase guarantee anymore. We had to clean everything ourselves. We chose this company based on your reviews and were amazed at the few negative reviews. Since we are now being threatened with legal "damage to reputation" because of our negative rating, I now understand why. Can't recommend this company with the best will in the world.

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